MKP Southwest

by | May 25, 2019

Most recently, The Mankind Project US Areas of New Mexico and Arizona merged to create the Mankind Project Southwest.

We are A growing community of men inspiring transformation and are committed, diverse and vital communities empowering men and women to live in integrity, authenticity and service.  We are creating a world of love, healing and growing consciousness.

We empower men and women to live to their full potential, trusting that they will co-create the healthy solutions needed by society. We foster Loving Families, Strong Communities, and Productive Workplaces in a sustainable environment.

There are around 2000 New Warriors in the Southwest Area.  Today our Area includes Albuquerque, NM, Central AZ, Durrango, CO, El Paso & Las Cruces, Northern, AZ, Santa Fe, NM, and Tucson, AZ.  New Warriors are men who begin by attending a New Warrior Training Adventure.

Through I-Groups, the New Warrior Training Adventure and other training, we look to add these following gifts to men’s lives.

  • We enable learning environments for men to practice and sharpen living lives of integrity, accountability, and connection to feeling.
  • On the Weekend, men craft a personal mission statement, a mission of service. We ADD to the world at large by sparking individual men with a renewed sense of passion and personal responsibility. In concert with that, we also see communities of men working together to build sustainable and exciting lives.
  • Men who have completed the New Warrior Training Adventure are eligible to join an Integration-Group (I-Group). Some allow men who commit to attending soon.

Integration Groups vary in their make-up, some are wide open, others not; it depends on the shared vision of the group. Commonly, I-groups meet once a week in the evening. These groups are a continuation of the journey of doing personal examination of one’s life challenges. No one’s life is static! Whether it is an unresolved experience or a present difficulty, group members learn to be more aware and better leaders in life. Now there are more than 40 Integration-Groups that meet weekly in the three States. Integration groups allow men the opportunity to stay connected to the Mankind Project world community and to important issues in their own lives.

For more information, email us @ info@mkpsouthwest or call us @ ‪(602) 492-1142‬.